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The purpose of Local Government Department of Sindh is to provide an organized system where council exercise their power and responsibilities to work together for peace, order and good governance of their municipal districts and this is what we are working together. Local Government Sindh is design with the purpose of creating order in ways that serve our general public democratically, it serves a two-fold purpose. No political system is considered complete and democratic if it does not have a system of strong Local Government.

Najam Ahmed Shah

Secretary Local Government

My experience has shown in comparison to federal and provincial governments, local government is more accessible, more sympathetic, and quicker to respond to local needs. Therefore, local government should be developed and evolved by the local people according to their own experiences and aspirations. That is what happens in developed countries. The Provincial Government has laid the foundations for an effective and responsive Local Government framework and we are at the forefront of implementing the vision in all aspects.

Nasir Hussain Shah

Provincial Minister

We firmly believe that quality municipal services is the basic right of every citizen. We are keenly concerned to address all Municipal issues of the District Keamari with the help & support of our team

Pir Shoukat Ali Shah

Administrator DMC Keamari

We are working hard to provide the basic facilities, beautiful & healthy environment to the people of District Keamari. In this regard, we need your cooperation & support to create better and healthier society

Salik Ahmed Bhutto

Municpal Commissioner DMC Keamari

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Internal Roads, Streets & Footpaths

Cultural Activities

Primary Education

Parks, Playgrounds, Open Spaces & Arboriculture


Control of Stray & Dangerous Animals

Development Work

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